Kids and Plants

I have three kids Marcie 3 and Bodhi and Rowe 18 months. Marcie is amazing and in a way respects the plants and isn’t really that bothered by them until watering time then she comes into her own. But it wasn’t until I found nearly a whole Spider plant baby in Bodhi’s nappy did I realize I should maybe do my research on what plants might potentially poison my children. 

When I buy plants its because I fall in love with them, I love the colour the shape and I will already have in my mind where he or she is going to go in our home. So being the caring mother that I am whether or not it would poison my children didn’t even enter my head in the beginning.

So I started to research if the plants I owned were poisonous or even potentially fatal to my children and what I learnt was quite depressing. Pretty much every house plant I own is poisonous in some shape or form. But that being said nothing I read made me want to get rid of my plants (apart from Dumb Cane that went to a new home). I have just styled and made my home to fit around my plants being out of reach, as I have a few more years until the boys understand not to eat or touch my plants.

There are some awesome ways to get your plants up and out of reach see my tips below.

These metal shelfs are amazing and great for smaller plants they are from Amazon


Macrame plant hangers are great for trailing plants.

Vintage shelving, i got these beautiful shelfs from my local charity shop.

Side tables are also great this white metal one is from Ikea

Old vintage School stools from charity shop and shelving from Ikea

Or if like me you are really crazy take half of your dinning room table and fill it.

A Better nights sleep

A Better nights sleep