Tribe and Us Sleep Better

Tribe and Us Sleep Better

There are so many things to consider before you can get a good night’s sleep. Firstly you need to be comfortable so the right mattress for you is key, we have and eve mattresses its firm does not move when you move. So when you get a little kiddo visitor in the night their wriggling and rolling won’t disturb you.

I think lighting is very important we never use our ceiling light we have bedside lamps and it stops the glare of light being above your eye line. The kids have an awesome night light which is a Moon its the perfect type of dull light and switches off after a certain time.

I love being warm in bed so finding that perfect Tog duvet for you is a must! We also have the eve lining sheets as seem to keep us at the perfect temperature.

We have a lot of plants in our bedroom as they help make us beautiful clean air to breath throughout the night. The kids all have a Mother-in-laws's tongue in their bedroom as they are Top Dog when it comes to neutralising over 100 pollutants!!

Below are some of the best plants that will clean the air to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Bedroom house plants.jpg

Mother-in-law's Tongue.

Light: Bright light with some sun.

Water: From Spring to autumn water once a week. Winter once a month.

Humidity: No need to mist leaves.



Light: Bright light spot on windowsill as some sunshine is vital.

Water: Treat as normal houseplant from Spring to Autumn. In Winter once every 1-2 Months

Humidity: No need to mist leaves. They just love fresh air.

Spider plant.jpg

Spider Plant

Light: Not fussy nice bright spot but away from direct sunlight.

Water: Loves a good water once/twice a week spring to autumn. Winter once every Two weeks.

Humidity: They like a mist in the Summer.



I know Lavender isn’t a house plant, but I love to take cuttings and put them in every bedroom in the house.
It’s also proven that Lavender can help you sleep.
Plus they look so pretty.

Tribe and Us visits Kew

Tribe and Us visits Kew